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I was bored last season and so far this season is not keeping me interested. Perlman November 22, 2015 2015-11-22 7. Finn discovers a potentially devastating piece of evidence against Cary that could impact Alicia and Peter.

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Good wife season

The Good Wife (season 7)

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The Good Wife Season 4

Zack arrives with his girlfriend and announces his intent to marry her and move to France, something which both Peter and Alicia disapprove of.

A well-respected surgeon is accused of plotting to commit a crime; Ruth suggests that Courtney Paige Vanessa Williams hire Jason for business in another state, hoping to remove him from Alicia's life.

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Oh also you need to bring Archie and Matthew back even if only for a few episodes, otherwise dont bother with season 8, there arent enough good characters left to make it interesting anymore… I lost interest in The Good Wife this season about 5-6 episodes in.

In theory, she was an independent contractor who spurned commitment — and the show made a big deal out of her seductive elusiveness — but in practice, she was sexually available but lacked a personal life.

Diane, Cary and Lucca defend the grieving father of a shooting victim in a defamation suit over a billboard he put up describing a gun store owner as a murderer.

The Good Wife

Against Cary's wishes, Diane and David vote to promote Alicia to the rank of named partner again, prompting Cary to resign and allow Diane to buy him out of the firm.

A promotional advertisement for the series that aired during announced that the seventh season would be its last.

Kalinda wore her non-whiteness lightly; Lucca Quinn will not.

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In order not to be found by Bishop for turning him over to the state's attorney office, Kalinda disappears for her own safety.

Season 7 begins with Alicia attempting to revive her struggling law career by representing arrestees seeking release on bail in bond court.

After a very humiliating sex and corruption scandal, he is behind bars.